Eddie, a.k.a Food and Cosplay is one of the best known and most loved UK cosplay photographers for good reason! His images really bring out the best of your cosplay, making you look like to are the true embodiment of your character.

You can find him at the bigger UK conventions, but you need to book a slot with him if you want the chance to get a shoot, amazing talent = busy as hell all day and night!

Eddie is also known to travel the world to other comic conventions, so keep your eyes peeled on his social media to find out where you can catch up with him.

James is a Manchester based photographer specializing in cosplay and live music photography.

He is currently a photographer for the music website Gig Junkies and a contributor to the website Share My Cosplay.

His images are atmospheric and full of story, contact James here for what events you can find him at.

As well as being a freelance portrait photographer and editor, Megaera is head photographer and image editor for the cosplay magazine, The Cosplay Journal.

Their cosplay shoots are full of rich atmosphere and life, making you look like you stepped right out of Vogue magazine.

Please do make the time to grab a brew and peruse their entire portfolio. They have explored so many topics and styles, every piece is a feast for your eyes!

We have yet to have our products captured by their camera (with the exception of the Ankh Morpork Post Office satchel), but here is a small selection of their vast plethora of styles!