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the Unexpected journey

Back in November 2020 we lost our dad, business partner, carpenter and all around amazing support rock. He caught a stomach infection, which he lost the battle with due to undergoing chemotherapy at the same time for his oesophageal cancer.

It was a huge emotional blow, we are still not over it and probably will struggle for some time yet coming to terms with our new future without him being there.

Thanks to the patience of our customers, we have kept Cosmic Workshop on it’s feet through all of the personal and lockdown traumas, and for that we are are eternally grateful. You really are the best, most loyal customers we could hope for and we are very proud to know so many genuinely lovely folks around the world.

The unexpected journey we now find ourselves on is one of growth. I think the sudden loss gave us a certain clarity about the way we have been living our lives and running our businesses and in hindsight, they were never going to bring us to a point where we would be fulfilled in the way we wanted.

So it is with a bittersweet heart we, together as a family, decided what our priorities were in terms of the future, and bought a puppy! Hahahaha….well, we did, but that isn’t the full story, but Toast will indeed play her part!

As I write this, Pod (and our government allowance of a single outside visitor, Chris) are dismantling our old storage shed. I am clearing clutter and cutting up old tree branches, we have a gardener lined up to tide up the personal garden side of things, and the big excitement, we have our expansion workshop picked out and ready to order!

If we don’t take the time to expand our main workshop, we are not going to be in a position to grow any of the businesses, because we were officially tapped out in terms of work space and storage space.

Once we have the space to spread out the machinery and storage into two separate areas, we can tackle more projects, and complete them in better time.

As an added bonus, we are finally investing in some new bits of machinery, because we will finally have the room for them, YAY!

We feel really excited at the changes, incredibly sad that dad isn’t here in person to celebrate our achievements anymore, but grateful that things can actually feel positive again in the business.

So yes, there are many days where the negative weight of it all is relentless, but on a whole, the incentive to get through those is now there, so the light at the end of our tunnel is closer.

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