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Facebook – Most active account, lots of regular updates, work in progress images and it is where most folks interact with us currently

Instagram – Probably the next most active, plenty of pretty images going on there, make sure you read the blurbs too though or you might miss information

Twitter – Okay, Okay we’re working on getting better at Twitter…bear with us, keep interacting and following along for some banter haha

LinkedIn – Urghhh…least visitors out of any of these platforms…we’re there for the industry connections, but the business page just doesn’t get much traffic because LinkedIn algorithms really do suck the joy from putting things up there….The more action we get, the more we’ll pick it up, so do feel free to encourage us with a follow if you are on LinkedIn!

Pinterest – Good grief we loose HOURS on here haha! You can find helpful boards for research and construction techniques for all aspects of cosplay and costume design, plus some random stuff, because, well…Pinterest…

TikTok – Only a few test video’s up here, but we are planning on picking this up a little more later this year. Just search for Cosmic Workshop