All of our items are made to order, and to your personal sizing. Read the following information for advice and tips, then please fill in the sizing contact form at the bottom of the page in order to submit the sizes for your order.

  1. In order to measure yourself for anything, you need to be wearing whatever clothing, costume or accessories ( such as armour plates) that would be underneath the item we are making for you.

    Think if it this way, if you measured yourself while in your underwear and we made it to fit those measurements, once you add the layers of clothing etc, you are making yourself bigger, meaning the item will be too small


    Clothing sizes mean nothing. Every brand’s version of a size is different, and that goes for waist sizes in trousers and jeans too, they are not acceptable as measurements for us.

    Invest in a fabric tape measure, or borrow one off a friend.

    Speaking of friends, try to have someone to hand to help you measure, especially if you are having to twist or bend to take it as you may be altering your body shape/size when that happens.