This was an amazing project to take on, mainly because Pod is a HUGE 2000AD fan haha!

We hand crafted all the metal work from aluminium and hand tooled the leather patches for the front.

If you have never seen these in the comic for scale, the side pouches are more like small bags, pretty big, but perfect for comic con snack and merch stashing!

The sides of the bag look like we spent days punching tiny holes in them, but are in fact a mesh leather offcut we found for sale online.

The silver trim on the fronts was a bt of a brain puzzler for us, we wanted to try and get it as close as possible to what they looked like but couldn’t get it to quite work in metal.

In the end we found chrome effect plastic trim online and it worked perfectly, if a bit tricky to position for glueing.

The exact name of the pouch fasteners escapes me, they are something like pull dots (?) and are actually excellent at their job.

The belt buckle was hand crafted in aluminium and enamelled red in the background.

To be fair, I think we would do a couple of things slightly differently if we made these again, a few tweaks to just make them a little more *chef kiss*

However, these photographs really do not do them justice, we can’t wait to get our customer onto a shoot with our tog one day!