After checking in with customer opinion, we decided to make quotes that we are asked about, available in a public space.  


This way, if it is something another person is interested in, they do not necessarily need to contact us directly themselves.

This was partly to help with accessibility for those who suffer from anxiety about such things, and also helps us be transparent with our pricing.  

We can quite often send the same quote out several times a year if it is something that is not a standard listing on the store page, so this will also help cut down on some admin time.


You will notice they do not have customer names attached to them, if this is the price we quoted (and is currently still correct) then this is what it will be for anyone, so we hope this page helps!


So in future, if we are asked to cost something up, we will also post the resulting quote here, unless it becomes a listing on the store.


Full body armour, Arm bracers, triple belts.
£2680 - plus shipping

gorilla soldier (POTA 1968)

Ready to Order on shop page
Overcoat and gloves
£1255- plus shipping

This is a CosmicTogs collaboration design, so if you need the clothing parts, you can find the best quality ones here: https://www.oddtogs.com/product-page/gorilla-soldier-top-trousers


Full length red cape, fur cape, full body armour, pair of double set bracers and waist belt
£3680 - plus shipping


Leather under armour costume only (none of the armour bits that are silver)
£850 - plus shipping
Full body costume that includes under costume and armour, plus double layer pair of bracers
£1450 -plus shipping

Doric (Dungeons & Dragons - Honor among thieves)

Shoulders with Collar, Double layered waist cinchers with double wrap belt, Pair of bracers (one with built in catapult) Ridiculously brain busting detailed jerkin with drop sleeves, Boot adaptions (base boots not included)
Basically everything apart from the trousers, check in with OddTogs for a quote!
£3360 - plus shipping

Loki (Avengers version)

This is for everything other than his props, boxers and boots hahah!
£ 7850- plus shipping

RICK O'CONNELL (the mummy)

Holster Rig
£360 - plus shipping


Full body armour, bracers, boot adaptations (customer supplied boots/shoes)
£2800 - plus shipping


Corset, wrist bands with spikes, belt with suspender straps, choker, leather diamond shaped patches ready for stitching onto own leggings/trousers
£1250 - plus shipping

KAIN (Legacy of Kain)

Shoulders, bracers, full leg armour
£2250 - plus shipping

Wonder Woman

Corset, arm bracers, bicep cuff, skirt, knee armour, boot adaptations (customer supplied boots/shoes)
£2850 - plus shipping
(The prototype corset is what you may have seen with us at events)

cara dune (Mandalorian)

Bracers (under armour), holster, small belt, larger belt, shoulder pauldrons, chest piece, right knee armour, boot toppers
£680 - plus shipping

conan the BARBARIAN

Lion head themed belt, arm cuff, headband, loin cloth
£820- plus shipping

red queen (the 100)

£480- plus shipping

balthier (final fantasy)

Double belts, large shaped belt bags, trouser patches, waistcoat
£1855- plus shipping
Please contact OddTogs for quotes on the shirt

power rangers

£160- plus shipping

cardassian (star trek)

Neck armour piece
£640- plus shipping

rahm kota (star wars)

Bandolier with pouch £245 - plus shipping
Belt £140 - plus shipping

val (star wars)

Belt rig
£460- plus shipping

sebastian (the evil within 2)

Holster rig
£285 - plus shipping

seventh sister (star wars)

£165 - plus shipping

Reiko (Mortal Kombat)

This is for everything other than his trousers.
£1850 - plus shipping

Halsin (Balder's Gate 3)

This is for everything other than his trousers.
£2460 - plus shipping

Ares (MArvel)

Chest armour only
£680 - plus shipping

Leon Kennedy (Resident evil vendetta)

Belt and thigh holster
£240- plus shipping

Trevor Belmont (Castlevania)

Ready to Order on shop page, our ornate take on his S3+ black and gold costume Sleeveless acket with standing collar, pair of bracers, belt with whip holster, boot details for adding to own boots.
£1350 - plus shipping

This is a CosmicTogs collaboration design, so if you need the clothing parts, you can find the best quality ones here: https://www.oddtogs.com/product-page/trevor-cosmic-workshop-fabric-pieces

Peter Pan

Decorative (embossed stars) Belt with pouch
£120 - plus shipping

Eowyn (Lord of the Rings - ROTK)

Battle armour and bracers
£2860- plus shipping

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (vikings S1)

Everything on his torso with the insane amount of detail and mind boggling display of riveting madness.
£4260 - plus shipping

Power Rangers

Belt only
£145 - plus shipping

Eomer (Lord of the Rings)

Body armour, bracers, scaled underskirt, sword bandolier and scabbard. Does not include soft parts, chain maille or weapons
£4785 - plus shipping

Lightkin (Destiny 2)

Body armour, arm wraps and gloves, large decorative cloak clasps (to hold your furry collar in place) and boot adaptations (customer supplied boots)
£1425 - plus shipping

Mantis (Marvel Legends series figure)

£260 - plus shipping

Elizabeth Swann (Pirate queen)

Neck piece and belt with scaled skirt. Pair of bracers.
£1800 - plus shipping

Cable (DC Comics)

Crossed harness with ammo loops and shoulder details, plus belt with pouches.
£685 - plus shipping

Winter Soldier

Boot adaptations.
(We recommend the screen accurate Bates GX8 boots)
£125 - plus shipping

Callisto (Zena)

Full costume
£680- plus shipping

Sebastian Castellanos (Evil Within)

Shoulder rig
£220 - plus shipping

Custom santa belt with pouch

3" wide belt, fully hand tooled with solid brass buckle and functional belt pouch.
£265 - plus shipping

Female Haarlep harness (Balder's gate 3)

Full body harness with built in bikini coverage.
£240 - plus shipping