Trevor Belmont Cosplay Costume

Inspired by the clothing worn by Trevor Belmont in animated Netflix series, Castlevania.

This is our unique, more ornate design with hand tooled panels on the bracers, belt and accessories and golden finished leather family crest patches to front and back. Raised emblems on collar and blood red jewelled rivet detailing.

All hand crafted leather work, made to measure.

Listing includes:

Sleeveless body jacket



Whip holster

Boot top panels (for you to apply to your own boots)

Small Emblem for you to apply to your whip handle


See here for our recommended under clothing, cape and butt cape to compliment your leather order!

*Please note this listing also does not include whip, boots, sword or scabbard*

Plain, un-decorated version also available, just select from drop down (lower in price)


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