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The Mandalorian Right Leg Ammo Strap Set


The Mandalorian Right Leg Ammo Strap Set from the Star Wars spin off tv show


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The Mandalorian (Star Wars spin off tv show) has beautiful costume work and we were thrilled to collaborate with JJ Industries to bring this to life for cosplayers!

JJ Industries create beautiful metal reproductions of the greeblies that our screen accurate leather work is sized around.

This listing is for the right leg top and bottom strap set.

In the case of this ammo strap, we do not necessarily require the cylinders here, they are a bit tricky, but you can get them inserted yourself.

However if you are purchasing from JJ and would rather we inserted them while constructing, simply let them know to ship part straight to us to save you some shipping costs.

Required Part:

Aluminium Shin Cylinder Kit (X6)

If you are sourcing your ammo cylinders from another manufacturer, we will need one of them here before being able to create your item as there may be sizing differences to take into account.

Two measurements are required when ordering, PLEASE ENSURE YOUR COSTUME AND BOOTS ARE ON BEFORE TAKING THESE!

Check the infographic in the gallery for details on how to do this correctly.

Input measurements in the comments section on checkout please!

  1. Around wherever the piece will sit on your leg at the top
  2. Around where the bottom piece will sit on your ankle

*Apologies for being blunt at this point, but it is not up to us to a) double check these with you or b) tell you we think one is wrong.

This is for 2 reasons…Firstly, we trust you to read and understand the part where we state to wear your costume and boots first ( so it won’t be too small) and where to measure (think about the edges of the item being made, reference the instructions and where those lines are comfy on YOU)

Secondly, human beings are all kinds of beautiful heights, sizes and shapes, I would not insult anyone by asking the question of …You sure that is right, seems a bit short/long/wide….that’s just an unwarranted and invasive/possibly upsetting question.

I would rather answer a 100 questions before you send them (measurements) through, than for you to get it wrong and it not fit.

This item has a turnaround of 2-4 weeks due to high demand and is sent as new, with no weathering/battle damage.

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