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The Mandalorian Left Leg Armour


The Mandalorian (Star Wars) left leg armour with pouch


The Mandalorian (Star Wars spin off tv show) has beautiful costume work and we were thrilled to collaborate with JJ Industries to bring this to life for cosplayers!

JJ Industries create beautiful metal reproductions of the greeblies that our screen accurate leather work is sized around.

In the case of this left leg armour piece, we do not require any other parts however.

Three measurements are required when ordering, PLEASE ENSURE YOUR COSTUME AND BOOTS ARE ON BEFORE TAKING THESE!

Check the infographic in the gallery for details on how to do this correctly.

Input measurements after ordering HERE

  1. Around where the top edge of the piece will sit on your leg
  2. Around your ankle
  3. The length in between those two measurements ( so we know how tall it needs to be) NOT INCLUDING THE KNEE BUMP

Please double check measurements before sending, get a pair of helping hands involved if necessary!

Both leg parts are indeed available together with the main rig and bandolier as one listing.

This item now has a turnaround of 8 weeks due to high demand and is sent as new, with no weathering/battle damage (as seen in our image)

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