Nathan Drake Harness and Bandolier set – Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception

The harness Nathan Drake wears in Uncharted 3 is very decorative with loads of brass hardware detailing.

Emblems on the back of the harness and pouch lids on the bandolier were modelled and resin cast for screen accuracy.

The harness features a pouch one side and an unique shaped weapon holster the other.

The bandolier has fully functional pouches on one side and ammo loops on the other.

Sizing on the bandolier is flexible by reducing the number of “sections” on there, because once it is sized in real life for the relevant ammo, it is pretty long and hangs low on the hip which means it might not be as comfortable for anyone with a slightly shorter body length (see gallery for images on our mannequin vs our handsome model, we removed two sections I think for Chris)

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