Flynn Rider Bag and Belt Set with Pouch

This set includes Flynn Riders large bag that he carries the crown in and the double belt set with the smaller belt pouch that hangs on his hip.

We also sneak in an A3 print of his wanted poster…we have multiple noses, every print is a nasal roulette!

The colour of the leather is slightly textured to mimic the worn finish in Tangled, however, like all our products, they are made to measure, made to order; meaning if you want them in pink with sparkles, we can 100% make that happen for you!

Yes, before you ask, The large shoulder bag and belt set with pouch are also available separately!

All of our items are made to order, we can adjust the colour or sizing of your item, no problem, just add a note when ordering, or drop us a message if you want to check first.

If you need a bit of help with how to measure up for any of our items, check for our infographics in the gallery section of the item.

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