Deluxe Flintlock Holster

This is a Leather Flintlock pistol holster inspired by the ones described in 17th/18th Century books about Pirates.

It holds the larger replica guns such as replicart as well as the smaller denix style ones. The holster is fastened together by leather thong and either 3 brass rivets or 3 period correct copper rivets. It features a skull and cross bones at the top and a decorative rivet at the bottom (which can be left off the design if required) along with 3 decorative straps and buckles.

It fastens to your belt using a belt loop and brass trigger clip. It also has a strap to fasten the bottom of the holster to your thigh.
You can adjust the drop of the holster using the strap on the back and the screw-in rivet.
This holster can be made as a left or right hand holster, just specify which you want when purchasing. It fits up to a 3″ belt but we can make them to fit wider if you need it.


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