Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII (Remake)


This was a project that tapped into so many different material techniques as we created all of the decorative hardware in house as well as the leather work (my degree in sculpture and teacher of resistant materials experience came in VERY useful!) This is probably the most complex project we have taken on to date!

We collaborated with our good friend Tors over at OddTogs, who created the magnificent leather coat with freestanding collar and mind blowing construction details!

The large, highly decorative buckle plate to the front of this design alone took nearly two weeks to template, tweak and construct!

The shoulder bells use the same “floating shoulder” technique that we perfected while creating Zac Fair which gives that great anime illusion of the shoulders just floating above the costume with magic!

Even the coat buckle detailing was hand crafted to as much screen accuracy as we could see…did I mention we had one single press release image to work off at this point? The game had not yet been released!

The double belts had lots of hand tooling and layered leather pieces to create the exact designs and once again, we got to use our special metallic finish so that the leather work gleamed like they were metal.


21 June 2020

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