Judge Death – 2000AD


This commission was SO MUCH FUN!

I had to break out and dust off such a wide range of my skills, from sculpting foam, metal working, casting and a range of weathering techniques.

We created the lid, belt, buckle, badge, shoulders and elbows from scratch, then helped adapt and enhance the mask and hands to fit in with the character.

Due to the undersuit being super lightweight, it took some time and skill to create a judges badge that was light enough not to drag the fabric down when attached.

The Pterodactyl shoulder was carved from foam, then broken down cotton was used to create the wings.  The entire thing was then textured and painted using layers of paint and latex, dust and washes.

The Bone shoulder has a foam base, carved foam bones, again, everything then textured and coated in the same manner as the other shoulder.  This was also how the knees were made, with the bone sectioned sewn to wide elastic so they were easily slipped on over the undersuit.

The elbows were made up from halloween rubber witches fingers, bonded and finished in a similar fashion.

Now, the lid was interesting, we discovered the perfect base, in the form of a chicken drinker…yes, you read the right, they are plastic contraptions used by farmers!

Cut the tiny feet off the domes bit, and then cut to shape and boom! perfect helmet base!

The front face is a motorcycle visor with shaped aluminium bars to create the grill.

The best bit of the entire commission?! Being Death’s handler at a comic con in Llandudno, Wales for the day…we went for a walk on the prom and caused our own bit of chaos and fun with the tourists and locals hahaha! You can see the rest of those images here, over on our facebook page.


27 June 2021

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