Fur Suit Armour


Our rather talented customer (back in 2015 I think it was) had designed this set of armour for his original character that was to be worn over the top of his amazing Wolf fur suit and asked if we could help make it a reality.

It is always a pleasure working alongside customers on their own designs, and this was no exception!

The design was fairly simple in build complexity, working with black plates of leather, layered and given a nice bright pop of red on the edges.  That is the great thing about hand dyeing leather, the colour possibilities are endless.

What we loved about this design is that it looked equally as effective on the human torso, as well as the wolf character is was designed for.

We gave it plenty of adjustability to ensure a snug fit with lacing at the back of the neck gorget as well as lots of belt holes.

The black cloak was removable and hooked onto two gorgeous solid brass decorative hooks on the shoulder pauldrons.


27 June 2021

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