This custom leather work was to help our customer, Rainbowspex, to look like Balthier from Final Fantasy.

We hand tooled the waist coat, body armour type item and finished with gold detailing and layered appliques.

The belts and hip pouches were both our favourite part and worst nightmare haha, mainly due to the unusual shapes of the pouches and all of the hand stitching that runs along the length of the double belts!

Rainbowspex also sent us his leather trousers that we then adapted with some additional quilted details at the knee, and then we created some very satisfying 3-D effect shin greaves to finish this project off.

His amazing billowing, lace necked shirt was created by our good friend OddTogs.

If you ever ask us about soft parts for your costume, this is where I will direct you.


30 May 2020

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