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What began as a bit of a creative pow wow with our friends Andy and Colin has resulted in Cosmic Workshop being an outlet for some of their geeky goodies!

Orbital Workshop are launching their first run of amazing Star Trek cosplay badges, with a plethora of bloody brilliant designs to follow from a range of sci-fi fandoms.

You’ll be able to buy them for immediate shipping from the Orbital section in our shop very soon!

The long anticipated Mandalorian Heavy Infantry belt is finally going to be available this month.

Again, this is made to fit the JJ Industries belt hardware, and is going to be for sale in runs of 6 for the time being. This is mainly due to the amount of Mandalorian bundles we still have ongoing in the workshop this month, we don’t want to overload ourselves until these are cleared fully.

Once the first 6 are shipped, they will be opened up again for the next run of 6…and so on.

Not exactly a new item, but it is worth noting that our Mandalorian left leg armour piece had an upgrade this year. The mid-leg wrinkles are now more of a scrunched up appearance than the more linear folds we first developed. This brings it more in line with the screen accuracy we strive for.

I’ve been asked repeatedly to make the time to develop this skirt, so I have blocked out the last weekend of this month to finally get her sorted!

It will be just her original version to begin with, but yes, we shall be looking at her various costume pieces this year.

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