Apologies for such a lengthy delay in writing this, someone generously gave Jaz the gift that keeps on giving and we brought Covid home. I take immune suppressants so succumbed pretty quickly while looking after him, then Pod fell like a tree meeting a chainsaw, then finally, after looking after all 3 of us, Grandmother Cosmic caught it.

ANYWAY! apart from that, MCM was even better than last October! Thank you SO MUCH to the hundreds of folks who stopped by the table to chat about all things leather and geeky, and especially if you attended our talk on Saturday!

Couldn’t grab one of me other than the brief face of doom face MCM? I was smiley happy honest!!

Your cosplays were truly out of this world and I have to say, props were a stand out event in themselves this time around, I think lockdown did wonders for people’s crafting skills.

We are just in discussions with ReedPop regarding what we extra leathery wonders we could bring to their October event and we are potentially going to be running actual workshops (that would be strictly limited in numbers) where you will get to actually go away with something you made in leather. Please do drop your opinions in the comments if this is something you’d be interested in. It may be a ticketed thing that costs a small amount depending on the set up costs for us to invest in the extra tools and materials we would need, but from feedback and talking at the table the last two vents, I personally think that they could be a workable concept.

It is a shame we don’t get the chance to socialise like we used to after the event each night, but talk about knackered! All I look forward to is a shower, food and glorious sleep once we get back to our hotel haha how very rock and roll! I have finally hit the age where queuing up for a half hour or more for a drink and then not having a nice comfy seat is out of my interest level, but I do miss catching up with friends I don’t get the chance to chat with much when the table gets busy.

Sheesh…was there ANY good photos of me at this thing? hahaha *sigh*

Moments that will live rent free in my head is where Jaz came back to the table saying he got asked for a photo because someone thought he was cosplaying Dustin from Stranger Things…now I cannot unsee it…he is the love child of JSchlatt and Dustin lmao

I also am still cringing at myself (ADHD yay) about saying a phrase I use all the time without thinking and it being totally inappropriate to a new friend we made there. Their retort was priceless and quick and made me laugh, but it is going to take me a while to shake my dumbassery off! Even the best of people screw up, but learn from it, change it and move on is the best.

Speaking of inclusivity, did you catch any of The Cosplay Journal’s stage talks? Make sure next time you do, they were a brilliant addition to Cosplay Central and it was awesome seeing them shining the best light possible on everything LGBTQIA+ and Cosplay.

Kudos to every single entrant to the cosplay competition, and to the winner, that embroidery and metal corsetry was bloody amazing and deserved all the praise! If you had your photograph taken by us at the table, I’ll be uploading those over on our social media pages asap, please do tag yourselves because my brain didn’t remember to gather info on who I captured!

I was ohhhh so much perkier setting up than packing down…I was a very broken cosplay goddess of leather by Monday morning!

Lastly, a huge big round of applause to Emma and the team at Cosplay Central for bringing you all the things you need to have a great time in costume and especially the volunteers at the cosplay hospital, without whom, there would be far less wings, armour, tails and wigs!

Cosmic Workshop has a lovely long list of things to prepare before October, including better prepared “Blue Peter” props hahaha! So we will see you there…oh! and Pod will be in attendance in October too, so if you are working on anything Pirate themed or Historical, he’s the man to chat to!

See you soon!

Jules x

Julie Morrisroe
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