Back in late 2019, Reedpop contacted us about potentially being a guest speaker at London MCM Comic Con and we accepted with glee!  MCM was the event where I first got a taste of comic con and where Cosmic Workshop discovered the niche that was cosplay, so it has always had a place in my heart and we have attended for many years.

However, 2020 was not to be and it was only this last weekend where it all came to life finally!

Firstly, I have to give a round of applause to Reedpop who made sure they had as many things in place as possible to keep all attendees and guests as safe as possible.  There was a lot more space to manoeuvre around, even on the Saturday and hand sanitiser available all over the venue. 

No one, including traders, guests, staff and attendees could enter the venue without proof of vaccination or negative lateral flow test, including children, which as an immunocompromised human, I was exceedingly pleased by!

If you didn’t have one ready, or the 48hr window of validity had expired, they had a well organised unit set up around the corner of the doors where you could complete a flow test and get your band for entry.

We had a fantastic reaction from everyone who met us, absolutely LOVED answering all of your questions about leather working and the biggest amount of hugs has to go to the folks and cosplayers who took the time to attend both our talks and to make them interactive, chatting and loads of fun!

Especially moved to emotional giddiness by finally seeing Team Stone Cosplay and Food and Cosplay after so long!

The other talks that were on the cosplay area stage covered a wide range of topics including competitive cosplay, wigs and armour and a really insightful journey into the discussion of technology becoming part of the cosplay craft.

Cosmic Workshop can’t wait to see you all again next year.

May your coffee stay hot, your glue gun burns minimal, and all mistakes acceptable battle damage!

Jules and Jaz xx


MCM returns to ExCeL London 27-29 May and 28-30 October 2022 for an epic three-day celebration of all things pop culture
Julie Morrisroe
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