2022 - new tools, pages and items!

Did we finally bite the bullet and let someone invest in our businesses?! YES! Yes we did *gulp*

After a lot of discussion and decision making, we had to conclude that due to our rapidly declining health, our current business models were not sustainable and would end up with us having to close our doors much sooner than we would want to in the long run.

Enter our upgrades list; tools and things we needed to implement in order to carry on doing what we love – making our customers amazing items in leather! 

In a bittersweet turn of events, we have ended up with a business investor with a keen interest in the business as a whole, a great natural motivator and a solid reason to see us be happy…My (Jules) Mam.

So, we are now in a position to overhaul quite a few processes, including a new accountant that not only does the yearly books, but is a business management service too, which is both exciting as hell and utterly terrifying for me personally as I have always had a crippling fear of success!

The newly expanded workshop space has given us some room to grow, and the new range of tools will enable us to bring certain manufacturing in-house as well as allowing us to expand our range of leather items.

2022 is when we plan on initialising a lot of the plans we have, this is in order to give us time to set up and learn all the new techniques and absorb all the new information we need to in order to make those plans a success.

Planning is vital to all of this and we are very excited for our first meeting with our accountant manager to begin plotting out our goals and how we aim to achieve them over the next 12 months!

I can’t express enough in words how bloody exciting all of this is and we cannot wait to show up and prove to ourselves what we are truly capable of.

See you on the other side haha!

Jules and Pod

Julie Morrisroe
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