leather working hand tools

Edge Creaser

Adjustable Leather Edge Creaser

This tool creates an indented line along the edge of your leather.
Simply drag along the edge of your leather, keeping one side snug to the outside edge, and pressing down enough to enable the other side to press into the leather.
Take it slow to begin with to avoid slipping off the edge and going wobbly.

Use the adjusting screw to alter how far from the edge your line goes.

Wooden edge slicker

Polished wood sticks are hand tools for finishing fluffy leather edges.

The wooden grooves fit a variety of leather thicknesses and a slicked, smooth edge is achieved by applying a finishing product such as beeswax to the edge of the leather and rubbing along the edge with a little pressure, to slick down loose fibres and make the edge rounded and shiny.

Leather Strap Cutter

Adjust the distance between the handle and the blade edge up to 4" and pull through leather to cut a straight strap.

Wobbles to cut line occur when the edge of the leather is allowed to wander from being flush against theside of the handle, so be sure to keep a slow and steady pressure against it.

Half-Round Belt End Cutter

Belt end punches are used to cut the ends of straps neatly into whatever shape they are.
These are rounded end shape, and will make the end of your strap a smooth curve.

To use belt end punches, position them wherever on the strap length you want the end to be

Adjustable Stitching Groover

Similar to the edge creaser in method, this cuts a channel along the edge rather than pressing in of a line.

This allows any stitching to sit below the surface of the leather rather than on top, which helps protect the stitches from wear and tear.
Of course, this can be a purely decorative line as well.

Swivel Knife

This tool is used to cut in a design to the surface of the leather in preperation for traditional tooling.

By cutting the outline into the surface, it gives the tooling tools a raised edge to follow and help it stay on track .

Stitching Chisels

These cut down on the time it takes to prepare for hand stitching by punching more holes at once.
They are available in a variety of hole shapes, from slits for stitching with flat thong, diamond shapes and circular holes for stitching.

Stitching chisels are not the same as pricking irons (similar looking tools for marking where to stab a hole through with an awl)

Leather Skiver

Similar to a disposable razor, a leather skiver is a protected blade that is used to reduce the thickness of an area of leather enabling it to fold and manipulate easier.

Nylon Mallet

This is the perfect mallet for stamping and tooling tools.

Hole Punches

Use with a wooden or nylon mallet to create holes suitable for rivets, snap studs etc.. or to create decorative patterns.


Also known as impaler of hands, stabber of flesh!

Use to mark the positioning of holes or