1. Once a query has been asked more than a dozen times, it gets added to this section!

But first, here are answers concerning returns and refunds:

If your item is damaged in transit, please take photographs for evidence as we need to then make a claim against the courier involved. Then, after contacting us, re-package your item, mark the box clearly as RETURNS and send back to Cosmic Workshop. Once we get it back, we will immediately refund you in full or arrange, if required, a replacement item.

If you change your mind after ordering an item, you have 24 hours from ordering to contact us and cancel your order, otherwise you are only able to claim a 50% refund due to materials being paid for and in some cases, the item being started.. After 72 hours, your item is non refundable.

If when you receive your item, it is in good condition, you just do not like it, you are unfortunately not eligible for a refund as everything is custom made, made to measure and clearly documented in the product listing, there are no surprises.

If your item does not fit you when you receive it, please contact us so we can work out where the error lies. A common mistake is not wearing your costume before measuring up for an item, or you did not get a helper for a tricky measurement and it ended up being out, these are examples of non-refundable or un-replaceable situations due to the error being on your part.

If we have made an error when constructing (this rarely happens, but we are human and not infallible!) then please contact us to discuss possible repair, replacement or refund.


All custom design orders are non refundable payments after 24 hours.


  1. Do you make leather items for the fetish community?

Yes! We actually are in the process of creating the third branch to our business, Cosmic Kink, which will cater exclusively to the fetish community.

Keep your eyes peeled for the category going live in the shop section very soon!

Full costumes, modular accessories for a variety of play as well as some exclusive and unique floggers and paddles.


Do you make items for LARP?

Yes, we do but only as custom items really, rather than set designs.

Feel free to drop us a message if you would like to discuss a quote. You can find example work on our portfolio page.


Do you make historically accurate leather work?

Yes we do, but we do it through our other business, Letters of Marque where everything is historical.


How do I go about getting a custom order quote?

That’s easy, simply drop us a message including the details of what you are interested in us making for you. If it is Cosplay, please include the character name and source, e.g. Trevor from Season 3 of Castlevania, or Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled betc..

If it is an OC or LARP character, give us as much detail as you can and any inspiration images you have, or sketches of the item you want.


I’m an influencer and wondering if you would like me to promote your work in exchange for an item?

No, even our celebrity and entertainment industry clients pay us.


I troop as part of a charity cosplay group, can I get a discount on something I want?

Not as a rule no, however, if your group has over 20 members and more than 3 of you will be placing orders with us at that time, then we do offer a 10% discount. Your group leader will need to contact us and register your troop in order to access this.


Would you be interested in doing a talk or demonstration for my school/group/event?

Jules is more than happy to do this, please message us with all details and she will let you know her rates and costs.


I do not fit into the size or shape the media classes as “normal” will I fit this item?

No one is “normal” we hate that phrase. We make everything to order, and you can customise nearly all sizing or even the colour when you order…you are beautiful as you are, Our aim is to help you feel amazing in your costume not matter what size or shape you are.


I don’t know how to measure up for this item

No problem, check out the infographic on the listing gallery, that will explain it.


Can you recommend a Photographer/Seamstress/Prop Maker etc..?

Absolutely! Check out our Collaborators page for links


Do you work with fake leather or vegan friendly materials?

Sorry, this is not something we accommodate.