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Letters of Marque creates historical reproductions, specialising in the Golden Age of Piracy.

Leather work, sea charts, documents, navigation tools and more, if you have even a passing interest in pirates of the seven seas, you should definitely grab a brew and have a browse through this shop!

Customers include establishments such as Disney Imagineering, BBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Warner Brothers and a variety of museums from around the world.

Did I mention we own and run this business too? No? well there you go haha!

OddTogs create clothing and costumes for proud geeks, freaks and everyone between!

A sorceress with a sewing machine, Tors is at the top of her game when it comes to screen accuracy, so it is where we will direct you if you are requiring any soft parts for your costume and you ask us about where to go!

Luke and Karen at JJ Industries produce screen accurate, very high end reproductions of greeblies and props from a whole range of pop culture and media.

We recently collaborated with JJ Industries to produce our Mandalorian bandolier and belt rig.

Eddie is a welcome familiar face at all the big UK comic con events and a trusted tog for all cosplayers.

He has mad photography skills and it means he spends every event running from shoot to shoot like a maniac due to a jam packed appointment list!

We are also very lucky to call him our official photographer for Cosmic Workshop because he really brings out the best in our work.
But Lo! he does not just take images of cosplayers, he is a skilled and popular tog in the world of modelling and marketing also, so if you have any requirements for your project, do contact him for rates….it will be worth every penny!