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Welcome to our snazzy new website!

I’ve battled tears and tantrums, but it all seems to have worked out in the end!

If you notice any errors or glitches, please do let us know asap so I can grab a glass of wine and clash wills with the internet once again hahaha

The one thing I will say, I have some gaps in my memory of who cosplayers were, or togs, that need tagging where relevant. If you see someone and I have not acknowledged their handle or watermark, please inform me, this is not done on purpose, more lack of time to get the website live and my memory problems. I took a chance someone one day will spot it and fill in the blanks!

Anyway, enjoy having a browse, we are, as always, looking forward to helping you feel amazing in your next cosplay!


16th July 2020

In a new revelation, we’ve actually stopped working weekends. it brought it home to us recently that we were in danger of burning out physically and mentally and that the rigor of working from home for so many years has blurred the line between work and down time.

Lockdown obviously hasn’t helped, I’m on immune suppressants and Pod only had his heart attack last September, so we’ve been sheilding since March 1st.

It’s also meant that although we are introverts, lockdown made us realise just how much we actually left the house to run around getting supplies for the business, networking and speaking at comic cons, checking in with collaborators and local customers, and of course, spontaneous days out at Chester Zoo for a change of scenery!

Anyway, fingers crossed something happens to change the tide of infections and we can reclaim a little normality.

It was a disappointment to everyone that it became so dangerous to host conventions, dressing up for Zoom meetings just isn’t the same!

Thanks to the wave of Mandalorian orders, not to mention a couple of fabulous custom orders, we’ve been busy bees, which is a blessing of a distraction at least!

Right, more tea needed, possibly a sneaky ginger nut or ten…

Stay Safe!

Jules x