Jules and Pod are the names you will hear from the most as they head up all branches of Cosmic Workshop

With over 40 years experience of working in creative industries and a wealth of knowledge and skills in a huge variety of materials and techniques, they are the dream team to have on board your costuming project!

Pod’s biggest loves are anything Star Wars or Alien, and thanks to Jules, Hellboy comics.  His biggest skill set lies in planning and templates, not to mention being known as “the Google whisperer” due to his knack of finding the very best research!

Jules describes herself as a book nerd forest witch that unfortunately has no ability to either live in an old gothic library or mysterious dusty book shop, nor a cabin in a lush woods away from everything but her book stash and kettle!

Her skills lie in working all material sorcery and creating the amazing designs Pod helps to research, plan and prep.

Jaz is the Heir to the Empire and is just starting to dip his toes into becoming a part of the family business.  He is a massively talented artist and loves nothing more than photographing clouds and skylines.


Last but not least is the latest family member, Toast.  Toast is a huge ball of fluffy adorable snuffles and slobbery kisses and believes she is never too big or heavy to be a lap dog!.  She is hopefully going to be trained as an assistant pupper so may well one day be with us at events in payment for treats and cuddles.