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“We want to make you smile”

That is our business goal every time we set foot into the workshop….okay, if we’re honest, “let me make it through the day with no accidental bloodshed or tears” would be goals one and two, but THAT is the most important one!

Cosplay was something we fell into by accident, a similar story to many of our customers it turns out! I was invited to comic con by friends to cheers me up and get me out of the house because I’m a stressed out, introverted, workaholic, and in the space of a single day, I found my tribe and my smile.

I was wearing a relatively quick Hellboy build, the belt was my shining glory (that my hubby, Pod, stayed up all night sewing together the leather work for) and went to MCM London on the train in my bright red skin, horns and tail.

It was intense and amazing and overwhelming, but I came home that night with a huge burst of confidence and a new direction for Cosmic Workshop. Our journey into Cosplay leather work had begun!

“Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You”

This is our mantra, this is the hill will will stand on and defend to the bitter end.

Our customers are a vast reaching, bubbly ocean of personalities and fandoms and every single one of you are valid and loved here.

A lot of you are battling unseen wars with yourself, your body or the people around you and we see how cosplay acts as a beautiful escape from that for a brief time, where all the folks around you are just geeks together, indulging in bringing their favourite characters to life and having fun.

We see how it brings you out of yourself, we see how it lifts the burdens you carry and we see how people’s spirits are lifted by looking amazing and being surrounded by their tribe, we know, because it works that way for us too.

That is why our business goal every day is to help make you smile, by helping you bring those characters that mean so much to you, to life.

Big hugs and smooches

Jules, Pod and Jaz

Jules (she/her) was a creative nut job from the very start, with degrees in both Fine Art (Sculpture) and a later Post Grad Degree in teaching.

She has over 25 years experience in various creative industries under the belt and loves how versatile and tactile leather is as a material.

Her biggest love is books and the world pretty much goes away when she sticks her nose into one, which is a blessing and a curse depending on what kind of day it needed to be!


Drinks excessive amounts of tea, coffee and glasses of milk (dry white wine and cocktails when the occasion calls for it)

Favourite food is Melanzane Parmigiana and beer battered courgettes

Achilles heel is After Eight Mint Chocolates

Jules is one of nature’s students and constantly strives for more knowledge and techniques.

She runs on average, 680 open ‘tabs’ in her brain at any one time. This is exhausting, but this is the way…

Pod (He/Him) is his name, research and development are his main games!

He is also an accomplished 3-D modeller with credits at Lucas Film, and with a degree in Animation, who’s final piece, a short titled “A Bat’s Life” was played at the LA Film Festival!

Multi talented to say the least!

Letters of Marque is where his leather passions lie when Jules isn’t pestering him to do Cosmic Workshop based templates.

Specialising in the Golden age of Piracy, Pod gets to indulge his love of history and attention to detail for people such as Disney Imagineering, Warner Bros, History Channel, BBC and museums around the world.

Slytherin by the way….hissss!

Endless cups of tea get Pod through the day, and snacks…LOTS of snacks!

In the rare downtime he gets, Battlefield is the name of the game!

If you meet him in real life, yes, he is very tall isn’t he…6’6 in fact!

Jaz, our Heir to the Empire is our motivator, cheerleader and all round bundle of existential dread.

Proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and uses He/Him or They/Them pronouns.

Proud Hufflepuff

Drinks his own weight in Pepsi Max and will snack on anything you think is safely hidden away!

Jaz is high functioning Aspergers and if you want to be friends, get him talking about all things MCC or just start quoting the Bee movie!

Art is his main passion and he is an amazing designer of original characters that are just screaming out for their own comic or story!

Jaz heads up our Frog Biscuitt section, creating pins, stickers and other awesome merch!